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Personalized smartphone cases
custom printed within minutes
at any place you want!

The Designbar philosophy

Premium quality, maximum flexibility &
ease of use for you and your customers

Simple Image Upload via Smartphone
1. Users can Upload their Photos easily via Wifi

Users can upload their personal images wirelessly from any mobile device to the Designbar user terminal. No application download required.

Designbar Personalization User Kiosk and Printer
2. Intuitive User Frontend + High Quality Print Units

The Designbar was developed with great user experience and quick & easy operation in mind. The system contains anything you need to get started right away.

Personalized Phone Case with custom image
3. Delight your customers with personalized products

Print the users’ custom designs in photo quality on our premium product blanks. Printing is very easy and takes just a few seconds.

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Key Features of the DesignBar

Personalised mobile & tablet accessories
Quick & easy operation, superb customer support
Huge design gallery + licensed designs
Convenient image upload via Wifi
Large product diversity on a small sales area
Great business case, quick return on investment
Personalization at your Point of Sale, Event or other Points of Interest

How the Designbar can boost your business

Shops & Retail Stores
Shops & Retail Stores

Attract customers by creating a unique shopping experience at Points of Sale of any size. Increase traffic at your PoS and leverage an additional revenue stream in a booming market segment.

Points of Sale / Points of Interest
Events & Trade Shows

Create excitement among your visitors by capturing the emotions of your event and spreading them in a unique way. Or use the Designbar as a marketing tool for your brand and products.

Partners & Resellers
Partners & Resellers

Surprise your customers with an attractive and innovative product with high margins. The Designbar’s modular concept allows you to offer custom tailored solutions for any target market.

Flexible & Modular

Designbar Components

Designbar System with User Kiosk, Cloud Cube and Printer Unit
Multi Touch User Kiosk

User terminals are available in several variants to suit the individual needs of any Point of Sale/Point of Interest in terms of cost, size & features.

Designbar Cloud Cube

The Designbar’s Wifi & Server Unit connects all its components, serves up the user interface to the user terminals and creates print files from the users’ images.

Printer Unit

Our printer unit provides durable, photo quality print-outs on a broad variety of personalizable products. Operating the unit is as simple as 123.

Personalizable smartphone cases
Broad selection of popular products

Customizable accessories for many popular devices

We offer a huge portfolio of smartphone and tablet accessories which can be personalized using the Designbar. Current and upcoming products include:

  • Silicone & Bumper Cases
  • Side Flip (“Wallet”) Cases
  • Universal Sleeves in different sizes
  • More products in development

Infinite possibilities

Photo upload + premium pre-made designs

Using a Designbar, you can meet the taste of any of your customers: Offer them to choose from thousands of pre-made designs or upload their own images.

  • Basic Designs covering a variety of styles and topics
  • Artworks from our international artists network
  • Licensed Designs, including Disney, Marvel and famous sports clubs
  • Simple Image Upload for personal designs & images

Designbar Licensed Designs Overview
Key Benefits for Operators

  • Boost the attraction of your Point of Sale
  • Increase your retail sales
  • Retain and attract new customers
  • Millions of products in the smallest space
  • Efficient utilisation of free shelf space
  • Decisive advantages over e-commerce

Key Benefits for your Customers

  • Personalised products within minutes
  • Unique shopping experience
  • State-of-the-art user interface
  • Selection of 1000+ premium designs + photo upload
  • Popular, high quality products
  • No delivery times as opposed to online shopping


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