Premium personalizable products
for countless top-selling devices
    Personalizable cases

    The perfect product for each of your customers

    Designbar® Silicone Cases
    Maximum protection, maximum style

    Silicone Cases

    • Flexible smartphone cases
    • Shock absorbing
    • Slip-proof surface
    • Personalizable back side

    Designbar® Bumper Cases
    Tough case, soft edges

    Bumper Cases

    • Slim smartphone cases
    • Tough back side, flexible edges
    • Shock absorbing
    • Personalizable back side

    Designbar® Grip Cases
    Slip-proof & robust

    Grip Cases

    • Robust smartphone cases
    • Tough back side, flexible edges
    • Slip-proof & shock absorbing
    • Personalizable back side

    Designbar® Side Flip Cases
    Elegant & handy

    Side Flip Cases

    • Elegant smartphone cases
    • High-quality manufacturing
    • Credit card slots inside
    • Personalizable front + back

    Designbar® Sleeve Pouches
    Flexible all-rounder

    Sleeve Pouches

    • Universal smartphone covers
    • High-quality manufacturing
    • In four sizes
    • Suit countless devices
    • Personalizable front side

    All the above products are perfectly fine-tuned for personalization using the Designbar®

    The result: Brilliant and durable products your customers will love!


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